Lugbe deanery catedraticum will hold on Wednesday 18 – March – 2020 here in our parish. Societies & groups should start getting prepared. There will be a peaceful procession today by 3pm. It will commence at the N.E.C. and terminate at O.L.Q.N. we are all enjoined to participate and allRead More →

Next Sunday’s second collection is for gaudium et specs institute. Let us come prepared please. Explanation of parish membership form. 2020 Lugbe Deanery Cathedraticum will be hosted by us. We are encouraged to start preparations and participate actively. As from friday 7 – February – 2020 the parish will beRead More →

Announcement for Sunday, 19 – January – 2020. Next Sunday Second collection is Aids/Health. Let us kindly come prepared. Parish Priest directive on payment of Tithe: Account Name: St. Martin Catholic Church, Lugbe – Presbytery. Bank: Zenith Bank Plc. Account Number: 1016839943. Parish Office Hour(s) Parish Priest Very Rev. Fr.Read More →

Catechism classes for Prayer Class, Baptism, First Holy Communion And Confirmation, will resume Today 12 – January – 2020 by 4pm. Parents and guardians should take note. Catechism instructors will have a crucial meeting with the Parish Priest On Saturday (15 – Janary – 2020) by 4pm, at the entranceRead More →